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really like the game. it has potential. cant wait for the next levels :) 

cool game

this was a cool game idea i hope the other games get added as well as proper multiplayer.

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Here some bugs in build 3:


WRONG: Althouh I do not move the play it has in idle animation.

CORRECT: Player model must be static when not moving.


Doll says RED LIGHT and KI players stop moving but once doll says GREEN LIGHT some player models changes to a random position/viewpoint.


Please add a key to disable player numbers.

Still a good job, keep going.

I Had fun with this game.

yo im trying to play who has a lobby send info

noice bro  the game was fye.. can't wait to see it improve overtime W vid come check it out [

Divertido, estare esperando mas updates


That game was awesome...



Nice game bro 

this game was awesome!


This game was fun!

Subscribe if you enjoyed! (I play this game at the 12:30 minute mark)


Great Game!

Hello everyone! I am a video blogger from Russia. Support my review of the game. Thanks to the developer for this game! You are the best.

I had too much fun playing this game XD After watching the show it was so cool seeing a game made off of the best episode! Hope this game continues to get updated in the future!

   - CrazyCheesePuf 

macOs pls!

hey ReckDev, really enjoing your fun game right now. I want to know how exactly u can play with real life friends


im trying to join a lobby and i cant find any :(

let me show you how it's done 

CoryXKenshin played this.





I had way more fun playing this than I should have!  Please expand on this.  Lot of potential here!  Check the video for gameplay!  


Thanks, I appreciate that. try to update


it wont let me play but what i saw on YouTube it look like a good game keep it up 

I've seen some yt videos on this game, and i have a mac, and i wanted to know if by any chance you can add mac support. Thanks!



it dose not work please fix it

do you plan on making a mac version?


This game is so dumb, I wasn't even moving and I still died. The players aren't even real. I started a match with 10 players and it said that 36 people died.

I haven't finished yet. This game is in progress. Thank you.

When you jump it launches you across the entire map, also make it so you don't die whenever you are behind the line. Thanks!

I haven't finished yet. So wait for the full release, guys Thank you.


are they even real players lol

I haven't finished yet. So wait for the full release, guys Thank you.

what do i open up the file with

extract with winrar or 7zip dude. and i wouldnt recommend it until its more fleshed out.

I haven't finished yet. So wait for the full release, guys Thank you.

What do I put for Server Name when I press join?

Are you planning on adding other games from squid game? (Ex: tug o war, jumping on glass, finale squid fight to the death, etc

I haven't finished yet. So wait for the full release, guys Thank you.

Dude you have done a great job. I like your game.

Here some ideas to get a closer movie experience:

- Adding some fire/flame effects to the turrets/black holes.

- Adding doors to the entrance wallet.

- Increasing the size of the doll

- Adding a tree behind the doll

- Adding a doll animation (turning around as in the movie)

- Adding some black birds to the sky flying sometimes around

- Adding clouds to the skyline

- Adding female characters

- Adding an old man with grey hair that always survives the game

- Adding options for red blood, black blood or no blood

- Adding option/key to hide/unhide player number (looks more authentic without number)

- Once the first player was shot, some players should get in panic and trying to run back to the door (as in the movie)

- Once you start the game, the camera is focused on the doll and flyies to the players.


- Intro audio instructions are not loud enough (too quiet).

- Gun sounds are too loud in comparison to the voice

- Chracter models are floating: The distance between bottom and feets is too high.

Thank you so much for playing and suggesting my game dude. This game is on development so stay tuned

and if you could ragdoll physics or more death animations also death sounds

You made some progress. Nice one.

eto bossing, playing your game  hahaha

maraming salamat po. 

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Comment po kayo pag gusto ninyo tong laro nato. Salamat :)

What a nice game :) 

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