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you should watch this 😂  sorry for the language

A fu*king bot pushed me and i died lol

how do u play multiplayer???

From where i know you can't, only singleplayer. The game is still in development

Fun Game Can't Wait For Updates

hi fgteev duddy here make sure to like and subscribe and tap the bell to keep notifications on 

it wont let me play the game and i really want to :(

This was Fun!

Please Subscribe my channel I wanna reach 1000 SUBS!




bro add more avatar, I will donate to support your game! lovelots from canada

wow! the doll looks so real! omg! can't wait for the next update!

This was a very good game although I crashed the map two times😂, but still it was fun. Waiting for the update, Love from India  ❤

You made good progress. Are you going to add also GLASS BRDIGE level one day?



One, two, three wooden people?

cant wait for future updates!! its fun  already, If you can check out my video and maybe subscribe it'd mean so much to me. Have a good day :)

Havent watched the movie but I was too good at this game lol its the 1st game in the video. 

[Gameplay en español]

The game is easy to play and fun! One of the best fanmades! Good job :D

Cool game! ❤️

I almost made it to the end, good game. Better luck next time.

Nice Game

Nice game !


hi, i've watched some youtubers play and the game looks great, how do i open the file on a mac? :)

really like the game. it has potential. cant wait for the next levels :) 

cool game

this was a cool game idea i hope the other games get added as well as proper multiplayer.

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Here some bugs in build 3:


WRONG: Althouh I do not move the play it has in idle animation.

CORRECT: Player model must be static when not moving.


Doll says RED LIGHT and KI players stop moving but once doll says GREEN LIGHT some player models changes to a random position/viewpoint.


Please add a key to disable player numbers.

Still a good job, keep going.

I Had fun with this game.

yo im trying to play who has a lobby send info

noice bro  the game was fye.. can't wait to see it improve overtime W vid come check it out [

Divertido, estare esperando mas updates


That game was awesome...



Nice game bro 

this game was awesome!


This game was fun!

Subscribe if you enjoyed! (I play this game at the 12:30 minute mark)


Great Game!

Hello everyone! I am a video blogger from Russia. Support my review of the game. Thanks to the developer for this game! You are the best.

I had too much fun playing this game XD After watching the show it was so cool seeing a game made off of the best episode! Hope this game continues to get updated in the future!

   - CrazyCheesePuf 

macOs pls!

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